Hive 1 -2014 Workshops

Where: All Workshops will take place at  Armstrong Tree Service located at 625 Neptune Blvd, Neptune, NJ 07753-4140.
When: Workshops start at 1:00 PM.
Please reserve your spot by emailing Peter Cheney.
Workshops are subject to change to according to the weather. Please check our Facebook Page and this blog for updates.

 East Hive (hive 1)                                                           
Armstrong Tree Service                                                                     
625 Neptune Blvd., Neptune                                                            

March 9                                                                                             
Woodware construction                                                         

April 13                                                                                             
Drone comb, splits, swarm control, supers                                       

 May 18                                                                                                                                              
Hive Inspection, sugar roll, drone comb

June 15                                                                                             
Make up nuc, sugar roll                                                                     

July 13                                                                                              
Honey extraction, jarring, medication

September 21                                                                                   
Winterization, feeding if needed, queen check

October 26                                                                                        
Wrap up hives, mouse guard, weight check                                       

November 16

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